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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Incase slider ruined my iPhone ?

Absurd! Yes, I know it does not make ANY sense to me. I've sent Incase a letter, and have yet to hear from them. Let me explain why I think the case was making my phone work improperly with a brief time life of pertinent facts.
-Bought my iphone around October 2008.
-I bought a Chinese Encase knock-off, it worked, and broke eventually.
-I dropped my phone on occasion.
-December 2009 my girlfriend and I got Incase sliders, I have a white one to be precise.
-2 weeks later, both phones with in 5 minutes of each other, start acting strange, both screens started to look something like this:

-I took my phone out and did a reset, and plugged it in when I get home, and it never happened again.
-My girlfriend's screen stayed like this and I had to replace the LCD.
-From then on both of our phones have been very buggy.
-My phone would turn on an off repeatedly for no reason.
-If I touched the top part of the screen, while playing a game or horizontally texting it would turn off like I hit the sleep button.
-Finally, I have not used the case for more than 3 weeks, and my phone has not been eliciting any of the aforementioned behavior, odd.

Points of contention
1) Yes I've dropped my phone before the incase slider and while I had the incase.
2) How does a case do this to a phone? I don't know.
3) If this was a problem, wouldn't other people be complaining? I would think so.

Counter arguments (in reverse order)
3) If the case was causing problems, I don't think people would necessarily know--to think that the case is causally related to the malfunctioning of the phone.
2) My theory is that the case is too tight and actually squeezes the phone and causes internal components to not work properly.
1) Here is my dichotomy: either the case is lousy or it ruins the iphone. If the phone malfunctioned because I dropped it too many times, 1) why wasn't the phone malfunctioning before, and 2) why isn't it malfunction still with the case off?

This is all speculative, but it's more than conjecture, it is correlation that is more than just coincidental, it is more probable than not.

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Ben Jaedecke said...

Exact same thing happened to my iPhone with the same case. I wish I had never bought that case.