Somethings are worth your time, other things are BS

Thursday, April 12, 2007

About my blog

I am going to take this time and kind of introduce, my blog. I don't not really care to introduce myself at this moment, if you want to know about me, ask. I labeled this blog serious BS because sometimes I will talk about serious... Shituff, and sometimes I will be talking about things that are not so serious. Thus, something that is labeled "bullshit" in my opinion, is the (perhaps crude, or fowl) assertion that a thing or an action, that invokes an incredulous observation.
In other words, I am presenting my opinion about things that I see as bullshit. The sad part about this blog is that, sometimes this "bullshit" effects everyone.

I am aware that Penn and Teller have a show titled " Bullshit", so if you think I ripped them off....... Screw yourself

I would like to start off with something quick and simple.

The other night I caught the end of the glen beck program, and he was talking about global warming. I guess in Texas ( I believe) the temperature dropped to 18 degrees. Beck made the comment " What happened to 'global warming' ? isn't this supposed to be happing?"

Which is Flipping stupid, obviously Glen Beck knows nothing about global warming. These conservatives think... " Oh, mild winters, hot summers, not too bad" . Well they are wrong, think rather, unpredictable weather, colder winters, Warmer summers, and all the negative results in between.