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Thursday, January 29, 2009

I forgot

I totally forgot I had this blog, for a while I felt distance from the blogosphere. I felt as if someone had been emitting CFC's and subsequently destroying my sphere-of-blog. The culprit, work and the LSAT. Not to worry, I am back at least for today, then who know what will happen?
I like commas, I feel like I can just put them anywhere, maybe I am a fat, heavy, chain smoker who needs to take breaths between couple of words?
So, I caught Hannity last night, (not that I have ever tried to catch him before, I would like to catch him in real life so I could tell him he is a biggot) and I have to tell you, I am a pretty passive guy but Hannity, some how, is able to piss me off in five seconds, even if I agree with him. For the love of god, could these neo-cons try to not use fallacious arguments, I know the general public is not versed in logic, henceforth why there are still so many neo-cons, I thought they would give up after GWB ruined the country.