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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I am sorry I forgot your name

When someone says " I am sorry I am really bad with names" What they really mean is the following

- I did not remember because you are not important
- I don't know your name because you are an asshole/idiot
- Your name is so lame (something like Mike) that I must have got you confused with Steve, Nick, or Larry
-I am sorry you are ugly
- I am sorry, you smell
- I am sorry, but you were previously unimportant.

Or most likely

- I am sorry, at the of you telling me your name I was subjected to other sense stimuli that what said for the past our went in one ear and in to the black hole that seems to be my brain (Hawkings black hole, because their is a difference)


Anonymous said...

I genuinely forget peoples names and not because of any of the above. Sorry but your straight out wrong and this says more about what u think about people than anything else.

mikelebp1 said...

Well if you were on a job interview for a job that was going pay you a LOT of money and the person interviewing you came in and said " Hi my name is..." Would you remember?
If you said no, then you probably have a learning disability, in which case I am sorry and I don't mean to make fun of you.
If you said Yes, then ask yourself why?
Personally, I try to remember everyones name, especially if there reasonable probability that I might see them again. Why? Because I think it says that you care about people and a name with a face means much more than just a face alone.