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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Searching For Utility

Lately I have notice that I, for some reason, have be come obsessed with utility. Let me give an example: If I am going to get someone a gift, I am most concerned with what they are going to use it for, how long it will last, what purpose it will serve, and how much they will appreciate it. Perhaps this does not elucidate my point, a better example would be my girlfriend wanting to give me flowers. I told my girlfriend that I did not want flowers because they just die a week or so later; I would rather have a plant of some sort that will last as long as I take care of it.
I see the causation of this disposition in society and in culture. We live in a society that idolizes people who make a lot of money. If we are going to do something it must be fruitful, or else it is worthless- if one has an idea that will yield money it is worthwhile, if the idea cannot be turned into a capitalistic pursuit it is worthless. This may not be true in every dimension of society, but I would argue that it is true for most.....
I am not sure where I was originally going with this.... oh yea, capitalism destroys the ineffable qualities of life, and we are forever stuck in this battle with those who will feed us just enough to keep us crawling back for more.

So, I look for utility in everything, not because it is a necessary condition, but because society has made it into a necessary condition. And thus, experience is not fruitful, neither is memory, those things are fruitless and a waste of time. So, next time plant a tree that will make you rich, not a tree that will make you happy

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